We offer a written guarantee on the sale of your property

Over 90% of our clientele are referred clients

We have Canberra covered

Proudly boutique with a strong market presence

Canberra's leading real estate agency

Badenoch Real Estate

Whether you are in need of an experienced salesperson or investment property manager, you will be challenged to find more professional, dedicated and committed staff than those at Badenoch Real Estate.


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Property Management

Our Property Managers are just that! They manage properties. They do not lease properties. We have a Specialised Leasing Department which allows for a focused team to ensure we maximise your rent whilst minimising your vacancy period.

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Selling Property

Our Service Guarantee. We offer you a written guarantee that if you are not happy with our services at anytime during the sales process and we cannot rectify immediately, that you can cancel our agreement with no penalty to you.

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Meet the team

Meet the dedicated staff of Badenoch Real Estate, who under the guidance of Principal and Proprietor, Heather Badenoch, delivers outstanding service as part of their commitment to meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations.

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