After Hours Emergency Maintenance Procedure


  1. This list is “ONLY” for after-hours Emergency Maintenance.


  1. Please refer to the Standard Residential Tenancy Terms (items 59, 60, 61 & 62) to see what constitutes an emergency maintenance item. Common sense should be used. If the issue can wait until the next working day please keep this in mind.


  1. Always contact Badenoch Real Estate to advise of the emergency maintenance item and whom you have engaged to attend. Advise your property manager by email or leave a message or SMS on their mobile.


  1. The tradespersons concerned are aware of what constitutes an emergency repair and will respond accordingly.


  1. Should the tradesperson listed below be unavailable please refer to the Yellow Pages.


  1. Should you call a tradesperson and the repair is not deemed to be an emergency, the lessor may not meet the cost of the repair.  


  1. This list is subject to change – current as at 02/11/2020. (Please note: All previous lists are obsolete).







Black Mountain Plumbing

Drips and Drains

0433 048 780

0418 480 324



CBR Electrical

Spectrum Solar Electrical

0421 002 017

0418 618 463

General Repairs


Dayn Jackson

0401 904 347

Glass Breakage

Discount Glass

6253 1099

Roof Repairs

Flash Roofing

0401 408 091




L J Air

Hocking Gas Services


0422 169 741

0420 860 097




Night & Day


6290 1938

6251 1233

Appliances Gas and Electric (incl. wall heaters)

ABC Appliance Services

0411 129 655

Carpet Drying/cleaning

Carpet Dr

1300 888 927

No supply of gas or electricity to the property


131 909

No supply of water to the property

ICON Water

131 093

Major Emergencies/Storm Damage


132 500