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What you need to know about Termites

What you need to know about Termites

21 November 2016 Natalie Kokic Schmidt

One of the most common and destructive species of termites found in the ACT are coptotermes acinaciformis. These are mostly found in urban areas or areas where eucalypt gum trees are highly widespread.

They are the most destructive termite in Australia and responsible for more than 70% of the serious damage to homes or other timber structures. A single colony may contain more than one million termites.

There are also many other species of termites found in the ACT, especially in more established suburbs.

Why is it so important to ensure you are protected against termites?

As with anything with investing, it is better to be pro-active than reactive.

Annual checks of your home or investment can save you time and money when you decide to sell or if termites are found.

One of the requirements If you list a property for sale in the ACT is to have a building, compliance and pest report completed on the property for inclusion in the contract for sale. Live termites are noted in the report if found at the property and best practice is to have them treated to alleviate any concerns for prospective buyers. It can affect the sale value if a large amount of damage is done.  

Your home and investment portfolio are a huge asset so it is important to ensure you have measures in place to carry out annual checks.

We have a fantastic company that carries out termite inspections and annual pest control treatments at the cost of approximately $250 inc GST. If you would like us to arrange this to be carried out at your property, please email

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