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What does a ‘Mortgage Professional’ actually do?

What does a ‘Mortgage Professional’ actually do?

30 November 2016 MO'R Mortgage Options

We don’t think words “Mortgage Professional” or “Mortgage Broker” properly describe what we do.

Sure, we’re talented professionals who will help you secure a mortgage. However the words “mortgage professional” don’t really explain what we do on a day-to-day basis (and actually, they make us sounds a little boring!)

So, here’s a few other titles that perhaps should go on our business cards instead.

We’re investigators and interpreters

We interpret what it is you’re trying to achieve and investigate the best way to financially achieve it.

Spoiler alert – it normally involves a house and a mortgage… but isn’t that a bit obvious?

What else do you want to do?  How do you like to manage your money?  Are you planning for retirement?  Are you just trying to ‘get by’ whilst the kids are little? Are you building capacity to start investing?  Are you someone who thrives on certainty? Are you good at saving money, or are you someone who likes to spend it?

We want to get an understanding of the bigger picture (and how you like to manage things) so that we can then properly investigate and secure the best home loan solution for you.

We’re hunters and gatherers (but mostly hunters)

Contrary to popular belief, hunting down the best home loan involves a bit more effort than punching numbers into a comparison website!

We check lender policies to ensure they’ll lend against the type of property you want to buy.

We verify lenders will accept your income and employment situation. Different lenders treat income differently, meaning there’s no point choosing a particular lender if it turns out they won’t take into account your bonuses/ overtime/ maternity leave income/ allowances/ or higher duties payments.  Especially if this means you can’t borrow the amount you need to buy the house you want.

We hunt down the lenders offering special offers/ rate discounts and ensure current processing times will meet your time frames. We can then negotiate further rate discounts, devise the most suitable loan structure and will put only the best offers on the table.

We’re problem solvers

Some lending scenarios are complex.

For example, we recently refinanced 8 separate loans (involving 5 properties across 3 different states) to 6 new loans with 2 new lenders, helping our client secure better rates (and save thousands in interest) as a direct result of the restructure. Whilst it can get complicated, just quietly these are the scenarios we love to get stuck into! They provide us with an opportunity to demonstrate our knowledge to create a solution that ticks all the boxes.

We’re tour guides

Granted, buying a house might not be as much fun as touring around Europe, but in both cases it’s equally important to have someone experienced guide you through the process. You need someone who can show you the shortcuts; someone with contacts on the ground (i.e. the best conveyancers, agents, accountants); and someone who knows how to keep things moving to schedule.

We’ve been doing this for more than 16 years so we’re also pretty great at anticipating (and avoiding) road blocks.

We’re passionate advocates

This may sound a bit out of place here, but it’s true. When you decide to work with us, we only make suggestions or recommendations that are in your best interests.

We provide auction support.

We work with your conveyancer to ensure things happen correctly and on time.

We ‘go into bat for you’ with the lender to help you secure the best possible home loan.

And most importantly, we won’t forget about you once your loan has settled. We’re here to provide ongoing support to ensure you never pay more interest than you need to.

Since there are so many aspects to being a Mortgage Professional, maybe it doesn’t really matter what you call us after all.

Perhaps the most important thing is that you pick up the phone and actually CALL us on 02 6286 6501 – because there are lots of ways we can help!