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Walk for Poverty

Walk for Poverty

31 October 2016

In June this year, Matt Napier set off on a 2300km walk across Southern Africa to raise funds and awareness for global poverty. The walk started on the West Coast of Namibia at Walvis Bay, from there he headed through Botswana and into South Africa before completing his walk in Maputo Mozambique.. Matt completed the walk kicking a soccer ball the whole way and managed to give out over 200 soccerballs to schools and orphanages along the journey. He also completed the walk living under the poverty line so was only allowed to spend $1.50 a day on food. He lost 8 kgs in the first 11 days and a total of 15kgs all up over the 2 months.

Matt has raised over $62,000 for his 4 charity partners, funded an Eye Camp Centre in Kenya through Fred Hollows Foundation and the money is also being used to help children in Zimbabwe with HIV/AIDS through vocational training with Oxfam.  Matt has also funded a water and sanitation project in Mozambique and Zimbabwe through CARE and Caritas.

Matt is planning on going back to Africa in 2017 and walking across the Infamous Namib Desert in Namibia through the sand dunes and then walking 1000kms along the skeleton Coast one of the most uninhabitable parts of the earth. If that isn't enough he then plans to drive across Africa and climb Mt Kilimanjaro from sea level.

At Badenoch we were pleased to have sponsored Matt and wish him all the best in his future endeavors in raising money and awareness for the world's poorest.

To follow Matt you can do that through his website or by searching walk to a better world on Facebook