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Aloha from Symon & Jayne!

Aloha from Symon & Jayne!

31 October 2016

During October I was lucky enough to attend a real estate conference held in Maui, Hawaii.  It was the USA National Property Management Conference with over 700 attendees from around the world not just from the USA.

It was pleasing to know they share some of  the same problems that we have here in Australia in regards to managing investment properties.  Below are some of the interesting points I took away from the conference:

  • The Americans are not as progressive as the Australian Property Management Industry.
  • Landlords cannot deny pets if they are deemed to be a "companion pet". This is causing a number of management issues as all pets are companions!!
  • One of the largest gardening businesses in the USA uses satellite images to quote per square foot for lawn mowing of investment properties and have over 40,000 clients.
  • There is a huge push for new software to be implemented into the industry but it seems to be inflexible and we risk losing tailored service for our clients.
  • There is a huge increase in demand for single parent housing in the USA.
  • They have a large issue with forced evictions and animal damage.
  • Property managers in the USA are underpaid compared to here in Australia.

It was a great opportunity to learn from some of the best speakers in the world in such an amazing setting.