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Time to Reflect - EOFY

Time to Reflect - EOFY

29 July 2016

The end of the financial year has passed once again and here at Badenoch Real Estate we take the opportunity to reflect on some interesting stats from the past year:







  • Property management conducted over 2000 routine inspections and booked out nearly 4000 maintenance items.


  • The leasing team held approximately 2500 showings and met approximately 12000 applicants at those showings.


  • The leasing team also processed nearly 5000 rental applications.


  • The sales team had an auction clearance rate of over 85%.


  • Sales team has SOLD 100% of all properties listed for auction within 7 days of auction.


  • Sales team SOLD over 90% of all listed properties.


We would like to thank all our clients for their support during the last 12 months and as always, if you need to discuss any of your real estate needs – please feel free to call us!