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The Benefits of using an Insurance Broker

The Benefits of using an Insurance Broker

29 April 2016 Lisa Favelle - Capital Insurance Brrokers


Do you have better things to do with your time than sit in a call centre phone queue, waiting to talk about your insurance?  Or trying to navigate insurance company websites to get numerous quotes, hoping that you’ve got it right?

If you would like an insurance professional on your side, to help and advise you – get yourself a qualified insurance broker.  A broker will do the insurance quote leg work for you. They can compare a range of insurance options for you and help match them to your needs. 

What Does An Insurance Broker Do For You?

An Insurance Broker represents you, and has a duty to act in your best interests. 

A good broker will:

§  Advise you on matters relating to your insurance needs

§  Seek out the best insurance terms and conditions to suit your individual needs

§  Present the insurance terms to you, so you know what you are covered for

§  Assist you with the completion of your documentation

§  Ensure that the documentation from the insurance company has been issued correctly

§  Keep copies of all documentation for you for future reference

§  Manage and assist with any claims


One of the main reasons people use a broker is to obtain professional advice about their insurance needs, whether that be for policies related to a business or for your own personal insurances. Using a broker also alleviates the need to deal directly with insurance companies, saving you precious time.

Although a broker will have relationships with the major insurance companies, an independent broker works solely for you, the client.


Your broker will also handle any claims that may arise from an insured event, dealing with the technicalities and providing assistance when you need it most!


Whether it’s Landlords, Business, Life, Home, Motor or Income Protection insurance, a professional broker can provide advice and assistance to make sure you’re properly protected.


How do I choose a broker? 
Just as you would when hiring anyone to take care of your needs, you’ll want to ask your prospective insurance broker some questions to make sure he/she is right for you.  Choose someone who takes the time to understand you and your needs.  Your broker will be a

Are they a NIBA member?  A NIBA affiliated brokerage can save you time, money and worry. Importantly, these firms are run by Qualified Practising Insurance Brokers. Like an accountant or lawyer who provides you with professional advice based on years of training and experience, a Qualified Practising Insurance Broker can do the same with your insurance.


Many people see insurance as a necessary evil, but it is vital protection that will help get you back on your feet after a loss.  Don’t leave your protection to chance, get yourself a broker and take the guess work out of insurance.


Lisa Favelle

Capital Insurance Brokers

15th April 2016


Lisa Favelle is an Account Manager with Capital Insurance Brokers in Deakin.  She has over 20 years’ experience in the insurance industry.  If you are looking for advice on Strata Insurance or for advice and guidance on other insurance products, Lisa and Capital Insurance Brokers are our trusted and preferred recommendation to our clients and friends.  

For more information follow this link to the Capital Insurance Brokers website