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Testimonial 86

11 November 2015

Dear Heather, Symon, Natalie & Ellen,

We wish to convey our sincere thanks to you and the Badenoch team of professionals, firstly for the superior management of our rental property for the past 4 years and secondly for the hassle-free and efficient marketing of the same property which resulted in an extremely quick sale by private treaty at a settlement price above the marketed sale price.

For 4 years we trusted Ellen every step of the way during the property management phase, she effectively and honestly communicated with us and our tenants for the duration of her assignment as our Property Manager.

As you know, we entrusted Badenoch with our property management after we terminated our 1 year agreement with an extremely well known property management business who we found to be untrustworthy, unreliable, dishonest and non-communicative. They proved to be difficult not only with us the property owners, but also with our tenant.

Having made the decision to sell there was no hesitation on our part to give the marketing responsibility of our property to Badenoch.  Symon is a professional “straight” talker much like Heather.  Natalie and Ellen were exceptional communicators as well as friendly and professional  in their interactions with us.

Symon and Natalie’s guidance with regard to styling the property we believe greatly assisted in the sale.

We have appreciated the extremely high level of service shown to us, which exceeded our every expectation. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the Badenoch Team for Property Management and Property Sales, feel free to refer to this letter by way of recommendation.

Thank you and Regards

Paul and Marie