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Testimonial 80

3 June 2015

Symon, Natalie and Heather

I am so impressed with the Badenoch team. I have been a client for over 15 years in several phases, starting when I was a tenant and the Property Manager was Heather Badenoch. I remember my final tenancy inspection with Heather. I made a mental note that if ever I was in need of a property manager – this was who I would want looking after my interests. I had been looked after well as a tenant, and equally so had the landlord.

Years later – I became that landlord who needed a property manager – and I went straight to Badenoch for the role. I have been so impressed with the manner that they have looked after my interests as the landlord, and also for my tenant who stayed for over five years. I had several Badenoch property managers through that time, but Kirsten was the most recent and did a great job keeping me informed and my tenant happy. I then decided to sell, and the Badenoch team were most professional, listening to what I wanted, and guiding me to the best options. Needless to say – the result was a complete success in every way, a fast and professional campaign, with the end result of a sale within the timeframe I needed. I could not have asked for a better result.

Thanks to Symon and Natalie for their attention to detail and focus on meeting my requirements. I would say that the key to their success is the focus on communication, they listen and then they know what you want. They know their business and are totally professional in every way. I also have an investment property in the southern highlands, and I wish I could have another Badenoch team in that location.

I would certainly use Badenoch again and would highly recommend them to anyone who is after home management or sale.