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Testimonial 111

24 January 2017

Dear Natalie and team,

Thank you so much for the hamper it was a lovely surprise and completely unnecessary (though very welcome, I guess we'll start our diet later!)

Thank you also for the all the hard work that was done first in the management of the property which was wonderfully handled with excellent communication, I could not have asked for a better team looking after the property.

And then in the sale of the property. Any questions I asked were quickly answered and I never felt that I was out of the loop with everyone going out of their way to make sure I knew what was happening every step and there were no unnecessary costs with every cent explained. You truly went out of your way to make me feel comfortable and to be sure I understood what was happening and when.

Thank you so much for your wonderful professionalism! I will most certainly be recommending Badenoch to anyone looking for property management or to sell their home!