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Testimonial 107

24 November 2016

Hi Heather

As we are about to part ways (until we are in the market again), we'd like to pass on our thanks to both your rental and sales teams for the service they have provided us over the last (almost) six years.

As you are aware, initially we rented our townhouse out with Badenoch's as your company had been recommended to me by work colleagues. At that time I was proceeding on a three-year overseas posting.

The regular updates and communications I received whilst overseas were very timely and informative and left us in no doubt that our property was being very well managed. 

Since returning to Australia and again renting the property out after a brief period of re-occupation, we could not have been happier with the management provided by Philippa and the rental team. Additionally, the selection of tenants was impeccable as, on return of the property to us in preparation for its sale, it looked as though we had never left it.

After initial discussions with Symon and Natalie about selling, we had no hesitation in putting the property in their hands and what a great decision that was.

We had five offers at the first open house which resulted in us achieving a higher price than expected.

So in conclusion, thanks to all at Badenoch Real Estate for your fine efforts and we shall not hesitate to call on your services again should we need them in the future.


Pete & Idah