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Testimonial 103

28 September 2016

Dear Heather and Symon

First thank you very much completion of the sale on my apartment in Lyneham. The whole experience was so relaxed and professional from start to finish.

As you know this transaction now draws to a close ten years of doing business with Badenoch Real Estate - initially to manage my investment property and most recently as the selling agents.

I still remember the first meeting that I had with Heather all those years ago. The daunting process of deciding to rent out what had been my home up until that time, was made easier by the time and patience that you took to answer all my questions.

Since then I have dealt with many of your staff and without a doubt the experience has always been outstanding. In particular Lisa, Jayne and Courtney have been awesome to deal with.

Moving away from Canberra has required me to have a high degree of trust in you and your team to ensure that my investment was secure.

At every step of the journey over the past decade I have felt that the team at Badenoch was looking after me.

I have investment properties in other states and I can assure you that the Badenoch approach is rare in the real estate sector.

Thanks once again for all your help and advice over the years.

Kind regards