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Successful Florey Auction Result!

Successful Florey Auction Result!

29 September 2017

Badenoch had another successful auction result earlier this month with the sale of 29 Eddy Crescent, Florey. The fully renovated home with loads of potential was sure to attract an astute buyer who appreciated his unique style and set-up. Ultimately, the property was a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroon home designed for multi generational living with the grandparents living in the 2 bedroom side and the daughter's family living in the 3 bedroom side. It also appealed to potential invesotrs with the possibility of earning a dual income. Auction day saw a great turn out of prospective buyers, neighbours and family support for our very excited vendors.

The property was auctioned on Saturday 2nd September with many registered bidders which came down to two strong bidders eventually selling for a fantastic price of $775,000. The vendors incredibly pleased with the result!

Badenoch Real Estate continue to achieve high auction clearance rates. We have many exciting auction campaigns coming up prior to Christmas - so watch this space for the results!

If you are thinking of selling your home or want to know more about listing by auction please contact Symon Badenoch to discuss our services.