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Selling Your Investment Property with Badenoch

Selling Your Investment Property with Badenoch

31 October 2014 Symon Badenoch

When it comes time to think about selling your investment property there is an easy, hassle free choice that our current owners can make when choosing an agent.  Badenoch has a dedicated sales department that can take care of everything involved associated with selling your investment. Below are just some of the benefits of selling with us;

  • Easier access for reports, showings and valuations as we have a rapport with the tenant
  • Integral knowledge of your property
  • Large buyer database of investors looking for packaged properties
  • Strong investment knowledge and we can provide cash flows and depreciation information to buyers
  • Tailored marketing specific to your property
  • The Sales Department has a close working relationship with the property management department

So if you are thinking of selling your investment property give myself (Symon) a call on (02) 6264 0900 and have a chat about the process to get you started.