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RSPCA Cupcake Day

RSPCA Cupcake Day

31 August 2016

On Tuesday 16th August some of the team at Badenoch had the pleasure of attending a morning tea at Capital Insurance Brokers (CIB) in Deakin to help raise money for the RSPCA as part of their Cupcake Day campaign.

We got to taste some delicious treats & desserts created by the team at CIB, have a cuddle with a cute RSPCA pup named Evie who is looking for a forever home and had the opportunity to place bids at a cake auction.

CIB were able to raise a total of $1097 in donations to go to the RSPCA, an amazing effort. The CEO of RSPCA ACT, Tammy Van Denge, gave a short speech in which we learned that they raise more funds from their Cupcake Day campaign than the Million Paws Walk, so we as a team are proud to donate to this cause and support the RSPCA in their great work.

As you would expect from experienced real estate professionals, we placed the best bid and won the delicious cake created by CIB staff member, Alison King. Alison is a talented baker and is appearing as a contestant on the new TV show Adriano Zumbo Just Desserts currently on air, so you can imagine we all very much enjoyed the chocolate, caramel & hazelnut mouse creation.

Thanks to the team at CIB for inviting us to be a part of this event and giving us the opportunity to contribute to a wonderful cause.