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Revision of Belconnen Town Plan Announced

28 November 2014

Revision of Belconnen Town Plan

The ACT Government is preparing a master plan for the Belconnen town centre. The Government has announced that the first round of community engagement is beginning in November.

The Belconnen Town Centre Master Plan will review the 2001 master plan and look at how land uses, planning controls, building heights, open spaces and transport systems can achieve the future desired character for the town centre.


The first stage of community engagement is open for comment until 31 January 2015 and will inform the development of a draft master plan. A second stage of community engagement in the second half of 2015 will seek public comment on the draft master plan.


Information displays:

Belconnen Library                          Monday 10 November to Saturday 31 January

University of Canberra Library      Monday 10 November to Friday 14 November

Belconnen Westfield                      Monday 17 November to Saturday 22 November

Near bus interchange


‘Meet the Planners’ sessions

Belconnen Westfield                      Thursday 20 November, 10am to 2pm

Near bus interchange                   Saturday 22 November, 10am to 2pm


Belconnen Fresh Food Markets  Saturday 29 November, 10am to 2pm

In main shopping area


For further information or to provide feedback by 31 January 2015:



Call: Canberra Connect 13 22 81