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Review into the Residential Tenancy Act Announced

A review into the ACT Residential Tenancy Act has been welcomed by the ACT Tenants Union who believe the process may address a number of horror rental stories experienced by many Canberra tenants.

Attorney-General Simon Corbell announced the review into the tenancy act on Thursday and detailed an intention to review the rights of landlords to throw tenants out, amid a sweeping review of rental contracts.


An ACT Tenants Union spokeswoman said the review was a welcome development as housing was "a key human right, which has a fundamental impact on the lives of people in our community, including their health, education and employment outcomes".

The ACT Tenants Union have dealt with a number of nightmare cases this year which they believe could be addressed by the review, including the lack of protection for those with intellectual disabilities or who those who experienced domestic violence.


Two public forums will be held on the review proposals: on September 1 at the Southern Cross Club, and September 5 at the community legal hub in Turner.


We advise all owners that they may want to make submissions to this review process.  Should you be interested in doing so you can make submissions to the Residential Tenancies Review Team by email to or, by mail to:


The Residential Tenancies Review Team
Legislation, Policy and Programs
ACT Justice and Community Safety Directorate
GPO Box 158, Canberra ACT 2601


If you require assistance in preparing your submission, or if you have any enquiries about the review, please contact the Residential Tenancies Review Team on (02) 6207 0581.  Please leave a voicemail message with your name, a brief message and your telephone number and the Team will try to call you within 24 hours, during business hours.


Submissions close on Friday 12th September.