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PM Testimonial 14

Dear Symon and Natalie,

We wanted to say a big thank you for the excellent service we received from you during the sale of our property. It was a pleasure dealing with you both and we really appreciate the effort you made ensuring a successful sale of our property.

The sale of our property could not have been smoother. We particularly appreciated the amount of contact we had with you throughout the entire period including the follow-up phone calls and emails following inspections and offers on our property. Your personal manner, professionalism, punctuality and reliability made it an absolute pleasure to deal with you, and we have only praise for your work ethic in every respect.

Our rental property was managed exceedingly well for 6 years by Badenoch Real Estate saving us from any ‘horror’ stories one hears about. Heather and other staff at Badenoch Real Estate kept us fully briefed on any tenancy matters.

We were very happy with all of our dealings with you and have no hesitation in recommending Badenoch Real Estate based on the professional services we experienced from both property management and sales perspectives.

We would like to thank all the staff at Badenoch real Estate for their hard work and commitment to excellency in service.

Kind regards