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National Affordability Snapshot

National Affordability Snapshot

31 March 2016 REIA


NSW is the least affordable state or territory in which to buy or rent. Victoria Is one of two states where the average loan size exceeds $400,000.


Queensland recorded no change in housing affordability over the last quarter of 2015.

South Australia

Of all Australian first home buyers, 6.0% were from South Australia.

Western Australia

Western Australia was the only state or territory to record a decrease in the number of loans to first home buyers over the quarter.


Tasmania recorded the largest jump in the number of first home buyers across the country.

Northern Territory

The NT recorded the best improvement in housing affordability across all jurisdictions.

Australian Capital Territory

The ACT remains the most affordable state or territory in which to buy or rent a home.


Source: Real Estate Institue of Australia March 2016 update