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Only In Japan!

Only In Japan!

30 June 2016

In last month’s newsletter we shared with you, to celebrate Natalie’s 10 Year anniversary we were sending her to Japan! Well, she has now returned and has wowed us with tales of her wild, wacky and sometimes crazy experiences. Whether it’s the eccentric youth fashion on the back streets of Tokyo, a Ninja Restaurant where your food is delivered by real-life Ninja’s, a spiritual journey to a centuries-old shrine, or visiting the Peace Museum in Hiroshima she explains it is like nowhere she has ever been and she absolutely loved it.

With Japans population at 127.3 million people (Tokyo alone has 13 million people) and Natalie being one of the smallest people in the office, she fit right in — not getting pushed or shoved once! Natalie was also super-impressed with Japan’s legendary public transport, always right on time and if the train was missed then it didn’t matter because another would arrive 3 minutes later.

I think it’s safe to say she enjoyed eating a LOT of desserts in every city as she visited many cafés and restaurants. She even managed to find the time to capture photos of some of the highlights.


During her stay in Tokyo Natalie visited an unusual medical prison themed Restaurant Alcatraz ER.



While she was in Tokyo she visited beautiful temple’s, walked through bamboo forests and spotted wild monkeys.



She explored Hiroshima which was a sad place as it was where the first atomic bomb was dropped during World War II. The above picture shows the A-Bomb Dome which is one of the only buildings that survived the bomb.



Pictures at Universal Studios.


We are glad you enjoyed your trip away Natalie, but are also very happy to have you back as we head into the new financial year. Now, back to work!