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Melbourne Cup Day

Melbourne Cup Day

30 November 2017

Symon and Heather treated the office to lunch at Temporada again this year for Melbourne Cup. The team came dressed to impress in their race wear as we closed up the office at 1pm to head into the City.

Along with bets on the big race, Symon had organised games for everyone to take part in with prizes to be won! Three teams were formed to take participate in the badders cup, it took three rounds but the finalists came down to Michelle, Clare and Laura.

For those who lost out at the badder’s cup there was another chance to win in the office sweeps as the race took off at 3pm. The lucky winners from this turned out to be no other than Jayne, Heather and then Lucia.

All in all another wonderful day spent with the team here at Badenoch Real Estate.