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Meet the Team:  Tanya Wales - Property Manager

Meet the Team: Tanya Wales - Property Manager

31 March 2015

We recently welcomed Tanya to the Badenoch team as a Property Manager and would like to introduce you to her!  



Previous work background: I was a contractor to Defence managing multiple hospitality facilities.

Hometown: Wagga Wagga

What do you love most about Canberra? Having so many restaurants to choose from.

Most memorable travel experience: Traveling to Vegas to watch my husband compete in the Vegas half marathon which closed the entire strip to traffic. It was held at night, the lights and atmosphere were amazing and the fact that you could work around the shopping center drinking a cocktail just added to the experience.

Likes: Traveling and a great restaurant

Dislikes: Anything with more than 2 legs

Favorite Saying: You won’t fully enjoy the rainbow unless you’ve weathered the storm first.