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Meet The Team - Jodie Robinson

Meet The Team - Jodie Robinson

31 July 2015

Jodie has been a part of Badenoch Real Estate for more than 3 years.  Her role is the Accounts Manager here at Badenoch, bringing her logical and no fuss approach to managing our rental portfolio. 

Hometown: Merimbula, South Coast NSW

What do you love most about Canberra? Spring & Autumn

Most memorable travel experience: Arriving at Milford Sound, New Zealand. A jaw-dropping, daunting and beautiful landscape.

Likes: Enjoying time with my family, friends and my dog

Dislikes: Even after more than a decade, the Canberra winters still haven’t grown on me, very much looking forward to Spring!

Favorite Saying: “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way”