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Locations revealed for 141 new public housing units in the suburbs

Locations revealed for 141 new public housing units in the suburbs

31 March 2017 Kirsten Lawson

The ACT government has unveiled sites for 141 new public housing townhouses and apartments in five suburbs in Canberra's south. 

The sites, most of which will have about 30 homes, are on land zoned for community facilities, a zone the government says allows supportive housing.

The sites are in Monash, Holder, Chapman, Mawson and Wright. Most of the developments are groups of single-storey, two-bedroom townhouses, except at Stapylton Street, Holder, where the plan includes apartments.

The new homes will be used to house tenants moved from the public housing flats on Northbourne Avenue, which are being demolished to make way for tram-related redevelopment, and the inner south, where the troubled Red Hill flats are about to be demolished.

The new homes will also take tenants from the public housing waiting list, Housing Minister Yvette Berry said.

The developments are:

Wright: 32 two-bedroom townhouses on part of a block bounded by Diesendorf Street, Steve Irwin Avenue, Gornall Street and Max Jacobs Avenue in Wright. Construction to start this year. 

Chapman: Up to 30 two-bedroom townhouses on a site bounded by Kathner Street, Darwinia Terrace and Percy Crescent. Construction to start this year.

Monash: Six two-bedroom townhouses on Blakey Close, Monash. Construction to start this year.

Holder: 30 two-bedroom apartments and townhouses, up to two storeys, in Stapylton Street, Holder. The site will be sub-divided, with part of it used for the development. A building on the site is used by the Post and Ante Natal Depression Support and Information group, which will move in April to Weston, with the Stapylton Street building to be demolished.

Mawson: 13 two-bedroom townhouses, off Shackleton Circuit, on a block bounded by Mawson Drive to the north and a pedestrian walkway.

Ms Berry said the government's $550 million program would provide 1288 homes to replace the outdated and unsustainable blocks of flats where tenants have been concentrated.

The new sites were in keeping with the "salt and pepper" approach to public housing where homes were being "scattered throughout Canberra", she said.

"The public housing renewal program is part of our commitment to being Australia's most inclusive city," she said. "We have a shared responsibility to ensure everyone, regardless of age or cultural or socio-economic background, can access housing that meet their needs and can take part in community life."

So far, 268 homes have been completed, with 255 under construction. 

The government will lodge development applications, on which people can make submissions, in April.


The housing taskforce holds a drop-in session at the Tuggeranong Community Centre, 245 Cowlishaw Street, on Friday, April 7, 6pm-8pm, and another at the Weston Creek Community Centre, adjacent to the Cooleman Court Shopping Centre, on Saturday, April 8, 11am-1pm. The taskforce also speaks at a public meeting of the Woden Valley Community Council on April 5 at the Southern Cross Club, 7.30pm.


Date: March 15, 2017