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Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

29 September 2017 Capital Insurance Brokers

Have you ever thought about what you would need to do to make a claim on your home insurance, and what information you would need to provide to substantiate your loss?

Some things to consider:

- You have a responsibility to take action to prevent any further loss/damage (e.g. arranging temporary repairs to prevent water entering the premises if storm damage has occurred.)

   Many home policies include cover for reasonable costs incurred by you, to protect from further loss or damage relating to a claim for an insured event (e.g. - fire, storm or burglary).  Don’t delay, get these things underway as soon as possible.

- Where applicable report the incident to police.

- Have you retained proof of ownership (receipts, photos, manuals etc) especially for high value and electronic goods?

- For Electronic Goods (TV, computer, tablet etc) model details are required to arrange replacement quotes where items are stolen.  Serial numbers are also very helpful.  For tablets and mobile phones, the box the item came in can often provide the info required.

- Scan or photograph your receipts; store files in the ‘cloud’ so you can access them even if your computer is stolen or damaged.

- Some retailers, especially those which sell high value items, may keep records of customer purchases, and may be able to assist you. 

- Where you have purchased additional software for your computer/laptop, you can keep the box or email it was delivered in to support your claim.

- It is advisable to obtain valuations for high value jewellery items, and photograph them too.  Consider asking a family member to keep copies, so they are not lost if your home suffers major damage.

- And before a loss occurs, take the time to review your sums insured to ensure they are adequate, and check your insurer’s policy wording (PDS) for any limits that may apply.