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Have Your Say on the Latest Light Rail Urban Designs

Have Your Say on the Latest Light Rail Urban Designs

30 January 2015

Latest thinking on light rail urban designs

We have used your feedback from last year’s early design consultation to further develop urban design elements for the light rail project. We are now calling on you again to get involved and have your say on the latest thinking for:

  • design vision and character – we want to build on what is great about our city and create a light rail system that is distinctly Canberran
  • landscaping – landscaping is an important way of ensuring the light rail system is in tune with the surrounding environment
  • stop design – The main drivers for high quality stop and shelter design are accessibility, comfort, safety, legibility, consistency and customer features such as ticketing and service information
  • walking and cycling options – with the introduction of light rail, there is an opportunity to develop a vision of how cyclists, pedestrians, public transport and private vehicles integrate along Northbourne Avenue.

This is a great opportunity to let us know if we are on the right track and to share your views before the project goes to detailed tender.

Get involved and have your say

Find out more information on the latest light rail urban designs and to share your views go to or visit our consultation checkpoint station - a pop-up tram - to view consultation material and talk to ACT Government staff.

A schedule of where the checkpoint station will be located around Canberra, such as at shopping centres and community events, is available online.

Consultation closes on Sunday 15 February 2015.