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Have 10 minutes? That’s all you need to improve your finances

Have 10 minutes? That’s all you need to improve your finances

30 November 2017 MO'R Mortgage Options

We completely understand you’re busy with life.

There’s too much to do.

Not enough time.

You simply could not fit another thing in.

But what if taking 10 minutes out of your day to gather a few bits of information – you can even have a cuppa at the same time – meant you could save money?

What if spending 10 minutes answering a few questions about your financial situation meant you could take your family on a holiday this year?  Or it allowed you to treat the kids (and yourself) to an extra special Christmas this year?

What if spending 10 minutes doing personal admin meant you had a team of experienced mortgage professionals on your side, helping you achieve your longer term plans?

A team who will do all the hard work for you, work out the pros and cons of your current home loan situation, hunt down the best deals, ensure you’ve got competitive rates, show you tips and tricks the lenders don’t always share, handle all the paperwork, chase the lender for updates (we spend more time on hold to the banks than we care to admit!) and keep you updated every step of the way. A team who will not only review your loan situation now, but will be here to do it the next time (and the time after that).

It really does just take 10 minutes. Just 10 minutes to provide some information about your personal situation and we’ll handle the rest.

It’s so easy to be complacent and just stick with your original mortgage, even though you know there may be a better value home loan out there. [MMO] made it more than simple by doing all of the investigations and coming up with the best solution for what I needed to do. The only effort I put in was putting my signature on the application forms.  Very happy with the service and expertise displayed.


After conducting a home loan review recently, we identified ways for property investors to save 36K in interest over 2 years and reduce their debt by $48K over 2 years. And this was without significantly changing their monthly repayments. You can find the specific details here.

Just by taking 10 minutes out of their day to provide us with some details on their loans, these clients now have a way to significantly improve their financial position.

So, how will you spend the next 10 minutes?

It will only take 1 to get things started.

Just call (02) 6286 6501 or email