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Geocon reveals details of Belconnen’s NewActon-style precinct, Section 200

Geocon reveals details of Belconnen’s NewActon-style precinct, Section 200

29 July 2016 Emma Kelly

The architectural firm behind Melbourne’s Eureka Skydeck and MONA in Hobart will be the creative minds behind a Canberra mixed-use precinct set to overtake NewActon.

Belconnen’s $500-million Section 200 development will overlook Lake Ginninderra in Belconnen, with plans for a hotel, apartments and terraces, Melbourne-style laneway shops and an amphitheatre.

Local developer Geocon will build the residential and commercial precinct on a 16,314-square-metre block of land wedged between Cameron Avenue, Emu Bank, Eastern Valley Way and the Labor Club.

The developer has revealed Fender Katsalidis​ Architects, the creative mind behind NewActon, are designing the new precinct.

Geocon’s developments general manager Peter Micalos said the mega project would take a decade to complete and eventually consist of three towers, the tallest capped at 27 storeys, plus two lower-rise buildings.

“It’s going to be a world-class, multi-use precinct,” Mr Micalos said. “It will be one of the largest mixed-use precincts Canberra has seen.”

Among the projects highlights will be “extensive” retail options, an 130-room hotel and an amphitheatre-style space.

The “broad range” of residential options will include more than 1000 dwellings.

“We we’ve got Melbourne-style laneway stores, we’ve got convenience outlets, we’ve got some boutique office space and, of course, we’ve got a broad range of apartments and soho terraces,” Mr Micalos said.

Geocon was also considering a public viewing platform at the top of one of the towers, similar to the Eureka Skydeck in Melbourne, which could be booked out for weddings or other functions.

“There’s going to be a lot of public facilities,” Mr Micalos said.

“What we really want to do is engage public accessibility and permeability through the site.”

The staged project will take about 10 years to complete. Mr Micalos said the lower-rise buildings would be built first and face Emu Bank, closest to the water.

“They will serve a very integral role in activating Emu Bank and the lakeside board walk and the skate park…and improving the connection between the University of Canberra and Lake Ginninderra and some other residential development happening in that area,” he said.

Geocon is also behind the 27-storey residential tower, Wayfarer, which is being constructed across the road from the site.

Mr Micalos said the development would be consistent with the Belconnen Town Centre draft master plan. It is one of five Belconnen sites that will allow for heights up to 27 storeys,

Geocon has already begun community consultation, including an appearance at Belconnen Community Council’s Tuesday meeting.

Mr Micalos said further consultations were on the cards and would include a pop-up display at Westfield Belconnen.

He said Geocon was excited to deliver the project in one of Canberra’s more “progressive” town centres.

“I think the community is very excited…having a NewActon-style precinct developed in Belconnen is a very exciting prospect,” he said.


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Date: 22 June 2016