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Funnies - Agents Urged to Carry Guns

In the US a recent article published by the ‘Veterans United’ real estate group has re-ignited the debate over whether real estate agents should carry guns.  The group is arguing that with over 60 reported fatalities to real estate agents in 2011 there is a strong argument for agents to protect themselves against often unhappy clients by carrying a gun.

It appears that this idea of gun- carrying agents has taken hold with the article posted on the Veterans United website saying that currently ‘nearly 15 percent of male agents and 5 percent of female agents choose to carry guns on the job’.

These statistics come as no surprise considering the affection that Americans have for their gun carrying rights. Veterans United even go as far to recommend other weapons of choice, among these are Mace Spray, Tasers, or Knives.

There has been a lot of positive response to the idea of gun carrying agents with Rob Hahn from real estate consulting firm 7DS Associates quoted as saying “…supposing that a Realtor doesn’t have the time to devote herself to becoming a martial arts expert, in between showings, marketing, family, having a social life, and so on… why wouldn’t you advise her to get a gun?”

There appears that there may be some moderation in this debate though with Yvonne Aileen a real estate agent in Portland, Ore. saying in response to the idea; “Recently I was asked to do an open house at a foreclosed property. I didn’t like the look of the property when I arrived. I unlocked the door, peered inside, and then relocked the door and left. Would I have stayed if I’d had a gun? No. No matter how you feel about guns, they should not be used in lieu of common sense.”