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Five relocation mistakes to avoid

Five relocation mistakes to avoid

31 May 2016

Moving is stressful and even more so when moving to another town or state or anywhere very different from where you live such as from country to city or vice versa. Some of the mistakes that cause stress and a huge sense of loss can be avoided.  

1. When planning a move, avoid focusing just on the gain and not the pain of the move. Loss affects us much more psychologically than gain. Think about what you are losing very thoroughly before you make the change.

2. If you move out of town try not to underestimate the commute to work and its effect on your or the family. It’s easy in the heat of the moment to think ‘It’s only an hour or an hour and a half’ or whatever it is. Remember it is that amount every day and worse if there is an accident making the road slower.

3. Don’t underestimate the negative effects of moving away from people you love. Extra salary and other gains don’t often make up for loss of loved ones.

4. Make sure you do enough research on available services, activities and cultural facilities so that the things you would really miss are replaced.

5. If you are retiring to a small town, perhaps a favourite holiday place, think about whether the medical services will be adequate if one of you becomes ill.