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Does SIZE Matter?

Does SIZE Matter?

31 July 2015 Symon Badenoch

When selling in the ACT I often get asked does SIZE matter? 


This question is usually put forward by sellers who believe a large agency might offer more exposure when selling.  I recently had clients who listed their property with me after using one of the largest franchised networks in Australia.  They were originally told they would get exposure to 100’s of real estate agents around Australia.  This ended up being a straight out lie!  The salesperson they ultimately listed with was the only person they dealt with through the entire sales process and after 3 months on the market not one buyer lead was generated from another sales agent within the network. 


So why did the sales agent original promise not come true?  In my opinion it is because most sales agents are paid on commission only and need to protect their listings to maximise their income even from other agents within their own agency.  Another reason is that the majority of these agencies are franchised and owned by different people and in direct competition with each other!


At Badenoch Real Estate we market your home on all the major websites throughout the country (not just the ACT) and offer our vendors the option of all  print publications, a wide variety of video platforms and a well maintained buyer database.


It is more important when selecting an agent to look at the track record of the individual sales person.  So whilst our company may not sell as many properties as our larger competitors, when comparing the average amount of sold properties per salesperson- Badenoch Real Estate agents sell nearly double that of the Canberra average!


So if you are thinking of selling your house or investment- feel free to contact us for a free no obligation appraisal.