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Christmas for CanTeen

Christmas for CanTeen

31 January 2017

Symon, Heather and the team from Badenoch Real Estate would like to express a huge thank you for your contributions to our Christmas for Canteen fundraiser.

It is with your help we have been able to reach above our target of $10,000. We presented the cheque to the Canteen team before Christmas (see above photo).

Cancer affects many individuals and families and with your help, Canteen are able to offer a service that provides an escape for kids aged 12 – 25.

Over the past 20 years Badenoch has been supporting Canteen and have raised over $100,000 for this worthy charity.

Canteen is a charity that is close to our hearts and we are very grateful to you for your contribution. Without your continued support we would not have been able to do this, so from Canteen and Badenoch Real Estate we would like to say thank you!!

Thanks once again and we look forward to working with you again in 2017!