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CanTeen – National Bandanna Day – 31st October

CanTeen – National Bandanna Day – 31st October

30 September 2014

National Bandanna Day is here again and this year CanTeen the organization supporting young people with Cancer are aiming to raise $1.1 million to continue to provide extraordinary assistance to families across Australia.

Every year 23,000 young people are diagnosed with some form of Cancer.  CanTeen aims to provide assistance to these young people through support and counselling services, recreation days, multi day camps, and healthy living programs.  CanTeen believes that no young person should go through the experience of living with Cancer alone.  By supporting CanTeen you are helping to make a positive difference to the everyday experience of Cancer for thousands of young people across Australia. 

At Badenoch we have supported CanTeen for many years with various events and donations.  Again this year we will have Bandannas and other assorted merchandise for sale at our Reception so you can show your support for CanTeen by buying a bandanna to donate, and wearing it proudly on October 31.  

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