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Canberra's Very Own Celebrity

Canberra's Very Own Celebrity

30 September 2016

Canberra locals would be excited by the fact that we finally have a representative who has made it to the grand finale of a reality TV series, something we haven’t come close to before.

A friend of Badenoch, Ali King, has been competing on Zumbo’s Just Deserts over the past few weeks achieving some amazing, mouth-watering results missing out on the title of dessert queen by just one point on Tuesday.

While she may not have won the competition, there’s no denying this girl has talent. One of our own Property Managers, Hannah Reid, was lucky enough to have Ali make her wedding cake last year and enjoyed it so much she had Ali re-create for their 1st anniversary.

We at Badenoch were all extremely excited to gobble up the cake Ali made and we won by auction at a recent RSPCA cupcake day event.

So you can imagine we have been cheering Ali on throughout the series.

Being a woman of many talents, Alison is also an insurance whizz. She’s been working at Capital Insurance Brokers (located in Deakin) for 10 years now, starting in an admin role and working her way up to having her own portfolio.

As we all know, insurance protects our most valuable assets, whether that be our home or businesses. If you are looking at reviewing your policies, Capital Insurance Brokers would love to help you by doing the leg work for you and achieving great premiums for the cover you need. Give them a call today on 6282 7666 and you might just be lucky enough to speak with Canberra’s newest celebrity, Ali King.