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Buying Tips

Buying Tips

30 September 2015 Symon Badenoch

Whether you are buying your first home or your next investment property, the buying process can be nerve racking and daunting.

Below is some information we provide to our qualified buyers as they begin thier property search; 



Be organised with pre-approval on your finance. Some vendors will not consider an offer unless the buyer has pre-approved finance. You may miss out on your perfect home without evidence. 



Do your research on the best areas for you and what type of property meets your requirements. If you have pets and want to purchase in a strata complex investigate the regulations to make sure your pet will be permitted. 



Register with our Team and we will keep you updated on upcoming listings that meet your requirements. 



Have an understanding of the sale process. Most buyers are unaware of the ever changing legislation. Contact our Team and we will email you a flow chart on the sales process in the ACT.



Have your solicitor selected before you find the perfect home. This will allow for a smooth transition once a property has been found. The best way to find a great solicitor is to talk to associates who have recently purchased or sold. 



Be confident when negotiating but remember that a vendor can accept an offer at anytime so if the property is perfect and in demand, be prepared to disclose your maximum before finalising your negotiations.


As a current client we are totally comitted to providing you with as much advice and assistance with your proeprties as we can. If you are seeking recommendations on martgage brokers, solicitors or insurance brokers, please feel free contact our sales team for a friendly chat. 

Symon Badenoch

(02) 6264 0900