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Buyer Advocacy – The Ins or Outs

Buyer Advocacy – The Ins or Outs

30 November 2016 Symon Badenoch

Did you know our Badenoch sales team also provides the service of Buyer Advocacy?  

So what is it and how can it benefit you?

Buyer advocacy eliminates stress by having one representative looking after your needs, rather than dealing with several different selling agents.

We will oversee the entire process on your behalf from searching for the right property, negotiating on your behalf, liaising with your conveyancer, handling the entire property purchase from searching to settlement.

For those in the market to purchase an investment property or home, we source the correct property in the right location with better prospects for capital growth and/or rental yield. We act on your behalf and negotiate the best possible price and terms for you for you as there is no incentive for us if the property sells at a higher price as we charge a fixed fee.

We have a full understanding of the ACT selling and buying process and provide independent information and professional guidance and are 100% committed throughout the purchasing process to you only.

Our clients include those on DFAT overseas postings who are looking to purchase a family home to move straight into in Australia but don’t have the time or resources to handle the process themselves from overseas.

For more information on how we can assist you including fee structure and processes, feel free to contact me on (02) 6264 0900 or