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Big January for the Leasing Team

Big January for the Leasing Team

31 January 2018

Congratulations to the leasing team for getting through a massive month!  January is known as moving season in Canberra with large volume of people moving here for employment and the beginning of University Terms.  

The prospective tenants were selective on the type of property they were wanting to inspect with modern properties in central locations being in high demand.  The other preferred requirements for the prospective tenants were properties within walking distance to employment hubs and quality schools. 


The total number of tenant enquiries for the month was 8823.


The total number of property inspections held for the month was 190.


The total number of tenants that inspected properties for the month was 4404.


The total number of rental applications received for the month was 1573.


Whilst these numbers impressive, it begin to slow down as we move into February.


If you wish to discuss the performance of your investment property feel free to give our team a call.