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The 'Beissel Street' Experts

The 'Beissel Street' Experts

30 November 2015 Symon Badenoch

Beissel Street has become a hot spot in the Belconnen Town Centre marketplace, with buyers opting for established apartments as opposed to waiting for a new build. With our office located in 'Waterside' on Beissel Street in Belconnen, we pride ourselves in being experts of the market in our street. 

We have successfully sold 3 apartments within the last four weeks resulting in ecstatic sellers as settlements will take place before Christmas. Other agents on the market have yet to convert as many sales along Beissel St and we are proud to provide the following results: 

22B/21 Beissel Street Belconnen for $361,000

35/20 Beissel Street Belconnen for $350,000

49/20 Beissel Street Belconnen for $348,000

We also have 58/20 Beissel Street Belconnen on the market at $390,000 and 9/1 Beissel Street Belconnen at $535,000

If you are thinking of selling your investment or your own home, please feel free to contact our Sales Team for more information on 6264 0900.