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Be a Part of the First CBR100 Challenge

Be a Part of the First CBR100 Challenge

30 January 2015

The Centenary Trail will buzz with activity when the inaugural CBR100 Challenge swings into action over the weekend of 21-22 March 2015.

The CBR100 Challenge provides teams of three with the opportunity to challenge themselves by undertaking a 25km, 50km or 100km walk, or solo runner can tackle either the 50km or 100km marathon.

The ACT Government is proud to be principal partner of the inaugural CBR100 Challenge through the Healthy Weight Initiative, and is committed to working with the community to create an active and healthy society.

Events such as the CBR100 Challenge provide a fun way to exercise and improve general wellbeing. It promotes manageable exercise on a regular basis as means of improving and maintaining your fitness, and the team walks enable friends and family to embrace health and wellbeing in a social way.

So, register to participate in the CBR100 Challenge and use this event as the catalyst to add physical exercise to your day. For more information visit