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Badenoch Staff Anniversaries

Badenoch Staff Anniversaries

31 January 2017 Symon & Heather Badenoch

During January we had two very special team members' celebrate anniversaries!


Shantelle Boswell 

Our business administrator, Shantelle, celebrates 3 years at Badenoch this January. Shantelle first started as our Inventory Officer and now works in our Business Team providing day-to-day support to Symon whilst also assisting in all aspects of Leasing. 

Lucia Marzano 

Lucia also celebrates 3 years at Badenoch this January! Lucia works alongside Symon and Natalie to assist with their day to day tasks and keep our Sales Team running smoothly. Lucia works hard behind the scenes across all divisions and is a valued part of the Badenoch Team. 


Huge congratulations to Shantelle and Lucia and thanks for all your hard work over past 3 years.