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Badenoch Staff Anniversaries

Badenoch Staff Anniversaries

29 February 2016 Symon & Heather Badenoch

In February and March we will celebrate two very special team members' anniversaries!


Jodie Robinson

Our accounts manager, Jodie, celebrated 4 years with the Badenoch team this month. For those of you who don't know Jodie, she handles the day to day accounts for all our clients and does a fantastic job of keeping everything in check and ensuring smooth sailing all year round for your property accounts. 

Emma Treslove 

Emma celebrates 5 years in the Leasing Team in March. Emma has worked along side Jayne since 2011 and has become an integral part of the Badenoch team handling the leasing of properties, handling tenant enquiries and being the first point of contact to prospective tenants at showings.


Huge congratulations to Jodie and Emma and thanks for all your hard work over the years.