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Badenoch Profile - Jayne

Badenoch Profile - Jayne

28 February 2017

Most of you will know that our awesome Leasing Manager, Jayne Spice, has been with Badenoch from the early days and keeps our Leasing Department running as smooth as can be. Here's a few things about Jayne you may not know: 

Hometown: Forbes

What do you love most about Canberra? That it has lots of nature reserves and walking tracks and that it’s still easy to get to anywhere

Most memorable travel experience:  Travelling to New York, LA and San Diego a couple of years ago.  It was an amazing holiday where everything went right (not even one flight delay!)

Likes: travel, hiking, going out to dinner

Dislikes: negative people

Favourite Saying: Don’t **(mess)** with my Sunday!