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Badenoch Profile

Badenoch Profile

31 October 2016

Meet Ashley! The newest member of the Badenoch team. Ashley works alongside Courtney in Property Management, although new to the role she is settling in nicely.


Hometown: Huskisson NSW

What do you love most about Canberra? I love all the awesome hidden treasures and walking trails that are within or close to Canberra like Gibraltar falls, Ginninderra falls, Mount Ainslie, Mount Taylor etc

Most memorable travel experience: When I was about 12, I got to travel around Australia in a caravan with my mum, dad and brother for 6 months. My favourite part of the trip was being able to snorkel the great barrier reef and being able to share those memories with my family.

Likes: I am absolutely obsessed with dogs! I have a massive crush on Seth Macfarlane so obviously love family guy and anything remotely related to Seth Macfarlane for that matter. I love meerkats, succulents, Indian food and my boyfriend Jack playing guitar and singing.

Dislikes: I am petrified of birds! I also don’t like drinking warm water, empty containers being put back into the fridge, people who don’t use their indicators and ads before music/YouTube videos.

Favourite Saying: "That’s what she said" or "Calm your farm"