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Meet The Team - Lisa Chivers

Meet The Team - Lisa Chivers

31 August 2016

Lisa celebrated her anniversary with the company earlier this month marking an incredible 13 years of service!

As the Property Managment Department Manager here at Badenoch, Lisa is an integral part of our team providing knowledge, support and an abundance of experience to our property managers on a daily basis.

We can only hope that she sticks around for another decade! 


Hometown:  Wollongong

What do you love most about Canberra? 4 distinct seasons

Most memorable travel experience: 10 year Anniversary trip from BRE to LA, San Diego, Las Vegas & Mexico

Likes: Travelling, swimming at the beach, massages & horse riding

Dislikes: Winter is at the top of my list at the moment.

Favourite Saying:  Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment - Buddha