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Badenoch Behind the Scenes

Badenoch Behind the Scenes

29 September 2017

Your behind the scenes scoop of all things happening behind the scenes in our Agency.












All work & no play? Not at Badenoch! But Chris our new Property Manager may be having just a bit too much fun here at one of our weekend inspections…









If you have visited the Badenoch office recently, you would have seen our colourful Canteen Bandanna Day fundraising box. Canteen are a one of a kind Australian Organisation supporting Young People aged between 12 – 24 Living with Cancer. Badenoch have been proudly supporting this great organisation for many years so if you are thinking of donating to this great cause please feel free to pop in and show your support!



Have you ever wondered how our team get their Wisdom?

In order to keep in tune with industry knowledge and updates our team made their way to Wisdom learning to engage in 2 days of training to accumulate their CPD (continual professional development) points.

This year the team put their thinking caps on and engaged in topics surrounding mindfulness, in the workshop the team discovered tips and tricks on how to use mindfulness to increase your productivity and become more focused in the workplace.

Jana & the team at Wisdom provide outstanding training and facilitation for the team at Badenoch and not to mention fantastic lunches! Our team rolled out of the training session filled with knowledge and full bellies.











Olivia our business administrator helping out at inspections and welcoming in potential tenants at a lovely townhouse we had for lease in Lawson. #LEASED! 

Must have been the welcoming smile and red jacket deterring them off the street and into the inspection.












Romeo & Juliette Lucia? - Romeo helping Lucia organise and put the finishing touches on this home before sale. Safe to say these 2 star crossed lovers don’t work out.