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Around Canberra

Around Canberra

29 May 2015

ACT Crime Statistics

According to the latest crime statistics from ACT policing, reported crime in the ACT is down by 4% over the past year. The largest increase in was 36.7% increase in Weston Creek, while the largest decline was a 22% fall in Gungahlin.


Changes to Mr Fluffy Draft Territory Plan

The ACT Government has proposed changes to the Territory Plan. Draft variation 343 would allow Mr Fluffy blocks in the RZ1 zone larger than 700m2 to be subdivided, such that two houses can be built on the same block.


Unemployment Rate Down

The Labour Force publication from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show that the unemployment rate fell 0.1 point to 6.1%, while the participation rate remained at 64.8% in March. In the ACT, the unemployment rate remained at 4.4% while the participation rate fell 01 point to 79.1% over the month.


Building Activity Falls

The recent ABS publication Building Activity found the total value of building work done fell by 1.4% over the quarter in the ACT.


Source: B2B, May 2015, page 6