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A look inside Next Gen Canberra's super gym and tennis centre at Lyneham

A look inside Next Gen Canberra's super gym and tennis centre at Lyneham

30 June 2015 Jill Hogan

With its business lounge, licensed cafe and relaxation areas, the soon-to-be-opened Next Gen Health Club Canberra at Lyneham is more country club than gym.

Located on the site of the old indoor sports facility, the centre was built thanks to a combined public private partnership with Tennis ACT, with which it shares its grounds.

Next Gen general manager Tony Fraser said: "It's not just a gym, it's like a one-stop shop.

"It's good from a gym point of view. There's squash, the tennis courts, the pool, the healthy lifestyle stuff – but you can also have a glass of red by the fire."

Available to all members is the cafe, a lounge and dining area, kid's play area, crèche, business zone and outdoor entertainment areas.

The upstairs gym boasts state-of-the-art exercise equipment, and two 25-metre pools – an indoor and outdoor version – make way for the venue's piece de la resistance, the spa zone.

Available exclusively to top level members, it has an indoor spa, "experience shower" and zen Japanese garden. There's also a Scandinavian-style crushed ice station where you can cool down after a visit to the steam room or sauna.

It's the sixth gym for the Next Gen brand across Australian and New Zealand, with most of its predecessors also originating from partnerships with tennis clubs.

The tennis facility itself, the home training ground of Nick Kyrgios, also got a significant upgrade in the build. It now has 27 tennis courts, a mixture of synthetic grass, Italian clay and hardcourt surfaces, plus kids and indoor courts.

Fraser said the venue's difference is the sense of community, and the offerings for families.

"From a family perspective it really set itself apart," he said.

"What we've got that nobody else [in Canberra] has is Les Mills has just put out Born to Move classes for kids.

"Then there's the creche and family change rooms that have everything from change table to a shower and bench – it's a nice private area for families. It's got a real big thumbs-up from families I've shown."

The gym opens for business on June 22, but members of the public can visit on Saturday, June 20 at Next Gen Canberra's open day.



9 June 2015