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2017 - One of the Biggest for Badenoch Real Estate!

2017 - One of the Biggest for Badenoch Real Estate!

30 November 2017

As another year is draws to a close now is the time to reflect on some of the outstanding stats from each department across the past year.



  • 100% clearance rate for auctions during 2017
  • Symon personally SOLD over 85 properties for the year
  • 2017 has been a record year since opening 20 years ago
  • November has been a record month since opening



  • 5,665 applications received and processed throughout the year
  • 43,000 enquiries handled by the leasing team
  • 1,593 inspections have been held
  • 13,116 people have inspected our rental showings



  • Over 5,000 repairs conducted
  • 1,747 routine inspection conducted
  • Property managers completed 483 final inspections


As you can see some huge results from 2017 as we look towards achieving another massive year heading into 2018.