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Sellers Tips Help our Team achieve a Great Result

Considering your home is your major asset, you should do all you can to achieve a great result without over spending and our Team can assist you in every aspect of preparing your property.


The cheapest option to add value is also the easiest. De-cluttering, along with a full house clean and a garden make over can make a huge difference to your price. If required, our Team can supply cleaners, gardeners and suggest storage facilities. 


STOP- before doing any improvements, contact our Team and we will come around and assist you. Whilst your intentions maybe genuine, you may over capitalise without an expert’s opinion. We can guide you in all aspects of improvements and also provide any appropriate trades people. 


The agent and vendor relationship is extremely important and working together with open communication and feedback will increase the opportunity to maximise the value of your home. We give you piece of mind- we offer you a written guarantee that if we are not meeting your expectations and cannot rectify this immediately- you can cancel the agreement with no penalty or fees. 


You can’t sell a secret! So it is important to make sure you are committed to perfect marketing of your property. The more exposure, the more buyers, the higher the sale price. The majority of the marketing costs are included in our remuneration but will discuss all options in detail with you prior to listing to make sure there are no hidden costs once you have SOLD.


Select the best selling method for your home rather the method that suits your agent. Selecting the appropriate selling method can mean $1000’s in the final result. Be wary of agents that only use one method. Our Team will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of all methods to help you make the right decision.


We will walk you through the entire selling process and ensure that you are fully informed. 

We will assist in all aspects of preparing your property through to finalising settlement.